Bernadette Wulf - Reiki Master, EFT HealerAbout Bernadette Wulf

Ever since I discovered energy healing and began using it with clients in 1996, I have been more and more impressed with the endless possibilities of energy modalities for healing and uplifting the world, one person at a time. Everything is based on energy and the more I work with energy, the more I realize there really is nothing else! Even conventional medicine is a form of energy, though not always one that is conducive to long-term health and healing.

In addition to teaching and practicing various Energy Healing modalities (including EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars, Muscle Testing, and Faery Reiki), I run Faehallows School of Magic – Celtic Mystery School and Magical-Life Coaching. I am also an ordained ULC Minister, Ideal Weight Coach, Visionary Artist, writer, mother & grandmother.

I would love to share the magic of energy healing & energy psychology with you – in person, or long distance via phone or Skype.

Energy Healing Professional Since 1996:

  • Practicing EFT and Emotional Healing since 1996
  • Completed Reiki Master training in 1997
  • Completed Naturopathic Certification 2009
  • Completed Access Consciousness Bars Certification 2012
  • Ideal Weight Coach
  • Law of Attraction Coach
  • Consciously using the Law of Attraction for over two decades
  • Lifelong student of nutrition and holistic healing modalities
  • Health supplements & beauty aids consultant for natural food stores

Personal Interests:

Bernadette Wulf is a certified Naturopath, Usui Reiki Master, Faery Reiki Master, and ordained minister of Universal Life Church which promotes freedom, love, and tolerance, rather than a particular religious dogma.

(Initials are used because of the very personal nature of my work with clients.)”
I found your EFT techniques extremely beneficial for my healing. I have been able to process difficult feelings of family. Furthermore, I am really using my energy constructively. I would like to thank you for your compassionate nature.” – A. Z.
“Very, Very insightful. A Person who Truly Cares. Total PRO at helping others.” – James
“Fantastic. Totally in tune. Felt she ‘got’ me right away. Good advice. Feel safe with her.” – Candy
“Bernadette is good, keeps you connected with yourself and the goals.” – M. Jan
“You are a gifted counselor!” – E. S.
“Truly you are a blessing! Your words are like a balm to my soul.” – D. S.
“I trust that the process I did with you planted seeds that will still come to fruition. I felt held by your compassion during our session…” – J. L.
“I didn’t believe such a simple technique could make so much difference, but now I’m a believer!” – C. C.
“You have such a gift of intuition in your healing work.” – D. G.
“You have been a valuable guide on my path of self-discovery.” – F. S.
“I can’t believe my anxiety could just vanish like that. I feel euphoric!” – N. P.
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