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The Bars - Energy HealingClear Your Head with The Bars!

The first time I received The Bars I woke up the next morning feeling like my head was clear for the first time in my life! I immediately knew this was something special that I had to learn and teach so more people could experience this wonderful feeling. Because of the amazing transformations that so many people report after getting their Bars run, the Bars have been compared to defraging a computer, emptying the trash, and even flushing a toilet. It just clears out a lot of clutter from your brain and energy system.
Everyone is different and you may simply feel relaxed after your Bars session, but many people say their whole life changed within a few weeks of their first session. You don’t even have to do anything except relax, while your Bars practitioner places fingers on certain points on your head. Simply holding these points will clear your limiting beliefs and judgements about money, aging, health, sexuality, creativity, and lots more. What could be easier?

Intuitive energy healing - Reiki, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, BarsAvailable in Beautiful Sonoma County Wine Country

If you are visiting our lovely Sonoma County Wine Country, be sure to take advantage of the many holistic health care options available in our area. After a few days of wine tasting, admiring ancient redwoods, or enjoying our spectacular beaches and scrumptious restaurants, clearing your head with a relaxing Bars session may be just what you need – conveniently located right down the street from the renowned Underwood Bar and Bistro and charming Willow Wood Market Cafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Bars?
Bars are a series of points on the head that act as triggers to clear energetic static from your brain when held with intention. When these points are held on each side of the head, they create an energetic “bar” that travels through the head. Though the technique is simple, it can sometimes bring about dramatic, positive changes in those receiving the treatment in the days and weeks following. Other times the changes are subtle, but almost everyone has a feeling of deep relaxation while they receive the Bars.
Are Access Bars like Reiki or Cranial-Sacral work?
Are they Acupuncture points?”

“Access Bars did not exist before they were channeled by Gary  Douglas in the early 1990s. While the points may appear to be cranial-sacral or acupuncture points, they have a different function when done as part of Access Bars. We have not seen any other method generate the changes that are created with Access Bars.

“Reiki practitioners tend to do very well at learning Access Bars since they are already familiar with energy. Access Bars seem to have a more wide-ranging effect on the whole lives of the people, than Reiki practitioners seem to experience.”

Quoted from the Access Consciousness Newsletter

In my experience, Reiki is a subtle and calming energy that is excellent for stress relief, healing, and relaxation, while receiving the Bars clears out the “static in your head,” resulting in more clarity and expanded consciousness. Both are very valuable energy healing tools.

Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Bernadette Wulf Offers Private Bars Sessions in Graton, California (near Sebastopol & Santa Rosa)
Access Consciousness Bars Session – 75.00 (one hour)

Email Bernadette Wulf  –  (707) 824-0675

Access Bars Video Explains it All

If you are looking for Bars classes, so you can learn to run the Bars yourself visit – http://www.bars.accessconsciousness.com/schedule.asp

I no longer teach the Bars due to the many organizational “hoops” I was required to jump through, but I love running the Bars and look forward to sharing this wonderful energy-healing tool with you!

Reiki Master
EFT “Tapping” Therapist
Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
ULC Ordained Minister

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