Celtic Shamanism, Bananas & Cancer, Gojis, Kibble, Glyphosate

Celtic Shamanism, Bananas & Cancer, Gojis, Kibble, Glyphosate

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Celtic Shamanism, Bananas & Cancer, Gojis, Kibble, Glyphosate

In This Issue: 

  • Update on Celtic Shamanism Faery Workshop
  • Spotted Bananas Fight Cancer
  • Go for Gojis!
  • How to Make Dog Kibble Healthier
  • Why We Need to BAN Glyphosate NOW!

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The Faery Tree - Tara Hill, IrelandMessage from Bernadette Wulf


Shifting gears after my trip to the UK. Wonderful as it was, it is good to be home. I will be bringing the energy of Avalon/Glanstonbury and Ireland to our upcoming Celtic Shamanism workshop. That’s me at the Faery Tree on Tara Hill, Ireland – a very magical place!

This month, we take a look at ripe bananas, goji berries, and how to keep your dogs healthy, even if you can only afford to feed kibble. The last article may be the most important of all. I hope you will get informed and help spread the word about the dangers of Glyphosate/RoundUp, so we can inspire a groundswell of people to demand removal of this toxin from our food and environment. We can do it!

As always, I would love to hear what you want to read about. Feel free to send requests, suggestions, or any sort of feedback. I appreciate hearing from my readers. Email Bernadette

To your health!

Bernadette Wulf


Update on Celtic Shamanism Faery Workshop

Tree Hugger copyright Bernadette Wulf

Our Celtic Shamanism Mid-Summer Journeys in the Faery Realm workshop is coming up soon and it is shaping up to be wonderful. Though the deadline for the early-bird discount has passed, I will be happy to extend it for my newsletter readers for another week. Just say you saw this posted in my newsletter and you can save 50 dollars.

Sarah Dole and I will be leading this workshop in the beautiful Camp Meeker redwoods here in Sonoma County, on the weekend of June 24th (International Faery Day!) and 25th. We are really looking forward to it. Hope you can join us!

For more information visit: – http://www.fairysource.com/workshops

You may wonder what a faery workshop has to do with you, or with your health or well-being. You may not even believe in faeries. Most people don’t, but I think that is because they don’t understand what faeries are. As I see it, every aspect of Nature is alive with sentient spirits that we call faeries and nature spirits. Other cultures use different names, but every culture on Earth mentions them in their legends and lore. Without faeries, we wouldn’t have the Arthurian legends, fairytales, or many of the myths that Joseph Campbell explored. Whether you call them Faeries, Djinn, Elves, Devas, or something else, they have been on our planet far longer than humans, and they have much to teach us. Through shamanic journeys and guided visualizations, we will meet them and find ways to cooperate for our own healing and the healing of our planet.

In this time of environmental destruction, chemical pollution, and rampant disregard for the balance of Nature, the faeries can help us find our balance and return our planet to the paradise it was meant to be. They hold the template of our ideal world and work tirelessly to maintain the harmony of our planet. As shown in the amazing Findhorn experiment in Scotland, working with the faeries and devas of Nature can bring marvelous results, not only in our gardens, but also in our personal lives. Maybe it is time for all of us to expand our awareness to include these amazing beings in our lives.


bananas cancer fightersSpotted Bananas Fight Cancer

Some people prefer bananas on the greenish side, but apparently, the more spots they have, the better they help us fight cancer. If you don’t like them that ripe, you can always freeze them (remove peels) and throw them in smoothies or deserts. I happen to love ripe bananas combined with grapefruit. The sweet and tart combination is delicious.

From LiveInTheNow.com:

Don’t throw away your overripe bananas. A Japanese scientist found the more speckled they are, the more of a -fighting chemical they contain.

In the study at Tokyo, a Professor Senji discovered overripe bananas induce the body to a protein called tumor necrosis factor (TNF). This potent substance communicates with cells, regulates their activities and coordinates their movements, directing them to sites of infection and . TNF’s actions helps prevent cancer from spreading by promoting the death of cells, a healthful process called apoptosis. Some researchers estimate that the protein’s anticancer properties are as effective as lentinan, a pharmaceutical immunostimulant.

Read more about spotted bananas –


Healing goji berriesGo for Gojis!

Goji berries are packed with nutrition and can even help you sleep, due to their high melatonin content. I discovered how true this is when flying to the UK. After eating lots of goji berries, I actually got 6 hours sleep on the plane! Warning: Don’t eat gojis when you need to stay wide awake!

From NaturalMentor.com:

Antioxidant activity, detoxification, and immune support. First and foremost, goji berries are an exceptional source of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. This may seem unimpressive, given that every superfood these days is lauded for its antioxidant content and nutrient density. But goji berries have some rare antioxidants that set them apart, as well as a rich profile of amino acids (protein) and fatty acids—an incredibly rare occurrence in fruits.

Goji berries also outperform many common fruits and veggies when it comes to vitamin content. For example, they have more beta-carotene than carrots, more iron than spinach, and 500 times more vitamin C than oranges. Needless to say, this balanced nutritional profile works wonders to strengthen the immune system and detoxification mechanisms throughout the body.

For lots more information on goji berries, follow the link below –


Keep your dog healthyHow to Make Dog Kibble Healthier

Dog kibble is very popular due to its convenience and low cost, but it really isn’t ideal for dogs, and kibble is actually bad for cats. Cats naturally get their water from food, so dry food creates a state of chronic dehydration, often leading to kidney and urinary tract diseases. Dogs, being natural scavengers, can more easily adapt to diets that are less than ideal.
If you are looking for the ideal diet for dogs, Anthony William, the Medical Medium, has an excellent audio recording available on pet health, mostly focused on dogs. (It takes him awhile to actually get into the information, so you may want to skip the beginning.) 
For those who can’t afford the ideal, or don’t have time to feed pets several times a day, this article from DogsNaturallyMagazine.com is very helpful:


Adding probiotics to your dog’s meals carries two benefits. First, adding friendly bacteria to your dog’s diet will help crowd out the harmful, pathogenic bacteria like E coli, salmonella, listeria and campylobacter. And salmonella activity can be inhibited friendly bacteria.

Second, probiotics can actually lower the pH of the gut. Research shows that several types of Lactobacillus (a type of probiotic) can lower pH.

So adding probiotics or fermented foods (like kefir or kimchi) to your dog’s meals will help reduce the risk of combining kibble and raw. […or feeding kibble alone. Ed.]

Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar can also help lower the pH in the gut and this will make the food safer and allow your dog to absorb more important minerals from it. In fact, vinegar has the same pH as your dog’s gut when he’s fed raw and, like his gut, vinegar can kill 80-99% of the harmful bacteria in his food.

Just add a tsp to Tbsp for every 50 pounds of body weight.

Though the article focuses on feeding a combination of raw and kibble, the information also applies to feeding kibble alone. If also feeding raw meat, it is best to feed it in a separate meal, because of the different enzymes needed for digestion.


Glyphosate/RoundUp dangersWhy We Need to BAN Glyphosate NOW!

I am going to “harp on” this subject, because it is so important and it hasn’t yet triggered the level of alarm in the general population that it warrants. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, is a killer. It kills by undermining health in many ways. Here are just a few of them, from UnikeyHealth.com blog:

Glyphosate works by blocking the proteins and minerals essential for plant growth. But studies have shown it’s harmful for humans in a number of ways. The proteins in your body make a mistake and use glyphosate in place of the amino acid glycine, which carries it right into your muscles and organs. It is an endocrine and hormone disruptor, which is considered the most dangerous type of chemical for humans. Glyphosate is also a major metal chelator, so it binds metals like aluminum tightly and carries them right into the brainstem.

Glyphosate makes other chemicals more toxic by blocking the CYP enzyme pathways in the liver that detoxify a variety of chemicals, including medications like Tylenol. These blocked pathways also keep the liver from converting Vitamin D to its active form, which causes Vitamin D deficiency. These important enzymes are also used to make bile acids. And as renowned nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman teaches, when bile acids don’t flow, a cascade of health issues arise downstream, not the least of which is mineral imbalance. Iron, manganese, zinc, cobalt, copper and molybdenum can all become deficient and reach toxic high levels in the cells, because glyphosate both holds on to these minerals and blocks our ability to use them.

Glyphosate preferentially kills lactobacillus, the healthy bacteria in your gut, and disrupts the entire microbiome. This means the healthy microorganisms you rely on no longer make necessary nutrients like B vitamins, and neurotransmitters like serotonin that keep your digestive and nervous systems healthy.

And there is more! Read the entire article to find out why we need to ban glyphosate ASAP, and please join the cause. It is time for We the People to demand a clean and healthy environment!