Chocolate, Walnuts, Glyphosate, Detox

Chocolate, Walnuts, Glyphosate, Detox

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Chocolate, Walnuts, Glyphosate, Detox

In This Issue: 

  • My Nutrition Page
  • More About Chocolate
  • Why Walnuts?
  • Why We MUST Ban Glyphosate (RoundUP)!
  • Dogs Need to Detox Too

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Heal yourself - Heal the worldMessage from Bernadette Wulf


Happy April! It feels like summertime here and it’s wonderful, though we have another storm forecast for the end of the week. Got my potatoes and strawberries planted. Now for the basil, tomatoes, and leafy greens, ideally before the storm hits.

I’ve been super busy lately, planning my trip to Avalon… I mean Glastonbury, England… and Ireland in May. As you may know, Glastonbury is connected with the mythology of Avalon and the Arthurian legends, both of which are super fascinating to me. And of course, Ireland is the land of faeries and Druid relics, so I’m really looking forward to the experience. My last trip over there was a whirlwind tour of the British Isles, so I didn’t get to stay in one place for long. This time I will be able to relax more and settle in for several days or a week at a time. Much research to do!

Check out my updated Nutrition Page in the first article below. I’ve put a lot of time, and half a century of research (that makes me sound so old, but it’s true!) into it, with all the latest and greatest conclusions I have gathered – all wrapped up in a neat one-page package for you.

If you only look at one thing in this newsletter, PLEASE take the time to watch the video titled Autism Explained Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate, by Dr. Stephanie Seneff. There may not be anything more important for you to know to protect your health at this time. It’s long and scientific, but the gist of it is that glyphosate-RoundUp is destroying our health, and is especially harmful to children. This is connected with so many other factors that you have to watch the video to make sense of it all. It’s a lot to take in at once, so you may want to watch half an hour at a time. That’s what I did.

As always, I would love to hear what you want to read about. Feel free to send requests, suggestions, or any sort of feedback. I appreciate hearing from my readers. Email Bernadette

To your health!

Bernadette Wulf


Raw foods - enzymesMy Nutrition Page

I created and updated this HealItAll Nutrition page just for you. It’s a good reminder for me, too. Sometimes we just need a little help to sort through the bullshit of all the crazy diets and media hype about health that are out there.

One thing you should know about improving your diet is that changes may happen slowly. At times, you may even feel worse, because toxins are being flushed into your bloodstream faster than your liver and kidneys can remove them. It is important to drink lots of water (ideally with a little lemon or lime juice added) to keep toxins from building up and making you feel sick.

Most of us have many years of toxic build up from environmental toxins, junk foods, and animal products in our bodies. Many of us also have multiple viruses that flare up whenever we get a bit run down. Thanks to Anthony William, The Medical Medium, I have finally pinpointed viruses that have been with me since birth, or probably before, and now I know how to deal with them, and any new ones that may come along.

The science is crystal clear in study after study. An organic whole foods, plant-based diet is the ideal to strive for, with the addition of the right type of Vitamin B-12. If that seems like a challenge, start slowly by adding more and more salads, fruits, and vegetables, seeds, beans, and nuts, until you don’t have room for anything else. Read on for more great information to help you reach your idea of health and vitality.


The Chocolate Rabbit HoleMore About Chocolate

Last month we had an article about the dangers of lead and cadmium in chocolate. Here’s more information on the subject. What I got from this article is (from NaturalNews.com):

The only cacao products found to have lower concentrations of cadmium were cacao nibs. Essential Living Foods, Earth Circle Organics and Health Ranger Select brands of cacao nibs all showed relatively low numbers of cadmium.

Bottom line, buy cacao nibs from one of the above companies, grind your own cocoa powder in a coffee grinder, and learn how to make your own chocolate. Or you can buy organic raw chocolate from local companies that use good ingredients.

(And yes, I know NaturalNews has been listed on those “fake news” lists, but it actually offers a lot of great and accurate information on nutrition. Not so sure about the political posts, though.)


walnutWhy Walnuts?

Why not? Unless you are allergic to nuts, it doesn’t make sense to leave walnuts out of your diet. Here’s a list of wonderful things they can do for you. Read the article to find out more about each. From greenmedinfo.com:

  1. Nuts Reduce Risk of Death
  2. One Ounce of Walnuts Decreases Cardiovascular Risk.
  3. Walnuts Help Control Weight
  4. Walnuts Improve Endocrine Parameters in PCOS
  5. Walnuts Help Control Insulin in Diabetics
  6. Walnuts Increase Male Fertility
  7. Walnuts Improve Thinking Ability
  8. Walnuts Suppress Breast Cancer Tumors
  9. Walnuts Inhibit Growth of Colorectal Cancer
  10. Walnuts Are Number One in Antioxidants
  11. Walnuts Help Build Bone
  12. Walnuts Help Beat Stress

I’m going to eat some walnuts right now! You’ll find lots more info. on walnuts by clicking the link below.


Why We MUST Ban Glyphosate (RoundUP)!

What would happen if half the children born in the USA developed autism? What if nearly everyone in the country had serious digestive problems, which can lead to cancer? What if fertility rates plummet even more? Those are just a few of the issues already being caused by the widespread use of Glyphosate-RoundUp. We really don’t have to worry about defending our country from Islamic extremists, Russia, China, North Korea, or any other external perceived or imagined threat. We are allowing ourselves to be attacked and destroyed from within by our own farmers and corporate interests.

I know this is long, almost 2 1/2 hours, but this may be one of the most important videos you ever watch. Dr. Stephanie Seneff really knows what she’s talking about and it is NOT good. This issue IS affecting you and your children right now, whether you want to think about it or not.

The good news is that you can protect yourself to some degree by eating only organic foods. If you ever had any doubts about why organic foods are worth the investment, this will convince you. Toward the end of the video there are lots of great tips for protecting yourself, and even reversing autism in some cases.

Please share this widely and get this information out to as many people as possible.

To Watch on Youtube copy and paste this link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a52vAx9HaCI

Dogs Need to Detox Too

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