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Using EFT and Law of Attraction
for Weight Management

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As with everything else in life, your mind is by far the biggest factor in achieving healthy body weight. Uplift your thoughts and clear the clutter of doubt, pain, fear, and limiting beliefs with EFT.

We all run into problems when one part of our mind, the conscious part, makes a decision, (i.e. to get in shape, or slim down), but a far more powerful part, the subconscious, has conflicting ideas!

The subconscious mind is a much stronger force than our conscious mind, dominating all of our decisions and choices. It contains everything we have ever seen or heard, including negative or misleading comments by parents, teachers, and friends, advertisements, and all the thoughts and fears we have ever entertained.

What does that have to do
with weight issues?


  • We might have picked up beliefs in childhood about how hard it is to lose weight, because our mother often complained about her struggles, and our inner child still wants to be like her.
  • We might eat just to fill a need for nurturing that we never got as children.
  • Our subconscious fears can cause us to gain weight as a way of armoring ourselves against the pain of rejection, difficult relationships, loss of love, sexual vulnerability, or any number of other fears.
  • Anxiety about fitting in to a society obsessed with appearances could cause a rebellious urge to “pig out” and not be controlled by others.

Your Subconscious Mind Is
Running Your Life 95% of the Time!

There are innumerable reasons (which are not reasonable at all) that cause the subconscious mind to sabotage our conscious choices, but the bottom line is that they are always designed to help or protect us in some way.

Did you get that?
I’ll say it again, just to make sure you did, because it’s important.

Your subconscious mind is always trying to help and protect you, even when it goes against your conscious choices!

The problem is that your subconscious doesn’t always understand what is best for you. You have to educate it. That’s where EFT and Law of Attraction Coaching come in.

Law of Attraction is a law of the Universe that basically states: Whatever you focus your thoughts on will become your reality. Your thoughts attract your reality. So if you keep thinking things like, “I’m too fat. I’m so overweight. I can’t fit into my jeans. I can’t lose weight no matter how hard I try,” those thoughts will become your reality – and continue to be your reality.

The way to get OUT of that reality
is to stop paying attention to it!

  • Focus your thoughts on ANYTHING else.
  • Distract yourself with friends, pets, activities, movies, books, walks, bike rides, or anything else that won’t remind you of your weight issues.
  • Appreciate everything you can find to appreciate.
  • Think about only what you like about your body.
  • Don’t use the “MY” word in connection with your weight – or any other problem or disease. Don’t claim it as your own.
  • STOP telling others that you are on a diet, or you need to lose weight! Just don’t talk about it at all.

Not so easy? That’s why I mentioned EFT.

Everyone is different, so you may have different subconscious beliefs and fears than someone else, but if you can uncover the subconscious factors that are running your life, you can quickly and easily release them with EFT. The best way to do that is to listen to your own words and thoughts – your inner dialogue.

Beliefs are simply thoughts that you keep repeating to yourself! Once you recognize them and question them, they will lose their power to run your life.

You can use EFT to counteract your limiting beliefs, by stating your limiting belief and then stating the truth as you want it to be for you.

Here are a few set up phrases you might want to “tap” on. See if they ring true for you:

  • Even though I believe I am too fat, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. (Refer to EFT page for complete instructions.)
  • Even though I’ve always been overweight, I choose to allow my body to find it’s ideal, healthy weight now.
  • Even though I’ve gained all this weight, I know I still have a beautiful, slender body inside.
  • Even though I have this fear that men (women) will “hit on me” if I lose weight, I love and accept myself just the way I am.
  • Even though I hate the way I look in the mirror, I accept that I am beautiful inside and out.
  • Even though my mother was fat, and my father was fat, I can create my own slender reality!
  • Even though most people get fatter with age, I choose to be like the healthy ones who remain slim.

Bernadette Wulf - Reiki Master, EFT HealerThese are just a few ideas to get you started. Listen to your own “self-talk” and use your own words to create set-up phrases unique to you. If you need some assistance, I will be happy to walk you through the steps to a slimmer, healthier YOU.

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