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Try EFT on Yourself

EFT is totally harmless, painless, without negative side effects, and it works over 90% of the time. What other type of treatment is that safe and effective? None that I know of!

Dr. Mercola on EFT

“In my clinical practice, I have tried a variety of methods, and have been exposed to many more (both traditional and alternative) through my medical background. In my opinion, none have come close to the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique,’ or EFT.”

EFT Tapping Points - Healitall.comThe great thing about EFT is that it is so simple, even a child can learn it. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. EFT is a powerful tool that can cut years off the normal psychotherapy process. There are hundreds of case studies showing the effectiveness of EFT for just about any problem.

You can try it on yourself right now using the chart on the right. There are several versions of EFT being used, but this is the one used in many of the case studies. If you don’t see results, you may need the help of an EFT practitioner to get you started.

EFT Basic Recipe

Evaluate intensity of the problem on a scale from 1 to 10 before and after tapping, to rate the degree of change, or lack of change with each round of tapping.

The “Set-Up”

Say three times, while tapping on the side of either hand (“karate chop point”): “Even  though I  have (name the problem) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Or a similar variation that states the problem and then a positive aspect of it, or of yourself. (This clears psychological reversal.)

Note: You can also rub the “tender” or sore spot on the chest instead of tapping on the karate chop point for the set-up. Sometimes it works better.

EFT Tapping Steps

1. Tap each point on face and body about 7 times each, while stating the problem. It doesn’t matter which side of the face or body you tap on, and it is okay to alternate sides, or change sides in the middle of a sequence.

2. Measure your progress on a 1-10 scale. If you see no progress, try the 9 Gamut procedure (below). Sounds strange, but it helps to integrate all areas of the brain.

3. Repeat the basic recipe until you see a positive change. This can take multiple repetitions for some issues, even daily tapping for weeks or longer. Keep at it and you will see improvement.

4. Try different wording, or look for a deeper cause, if you do not see results after a few rounds of tapping.

5. If you still see no progress, find an experienced EFT practitioner to guide you. An experienced practitioner will have many advanced techniques to help you get through blocks and stuck places.

The 9 Gamut Procedure

EFT gamut point- releasing resistanceThis process can be especially helpful for making your EFT results permanent. It should also be used to balance and activate brain functions when EFT doesn’t seem to be working. Tap on the Gamut point through the entire process (on the back of either hand between bones of ring finger and little finger) – Look straight ahead. Keep your head still throughout the procedure:

1. Close your eyes
2. Open your eyes
3. Look hard down to the right
4. Look hard down to the left
5. Roll your eyes in a clockwise circle
6. Roll your eyes in a counter-clockwise circle
7. Hum a tune (i.e. the first line of “Happy Birthday”)
8. Count out loud to five
9. Hum a tune

Bernadette Wulf - Reiki Master, EFT HealerNote: You can also use the Gamut Point along with the Karate Chop Point without using all the other points on the face and body. I have found that this usually works just as well and it insures more permanent results according to one study. The Gamut Point is on the back of the hand between the bones of the ring finger and little finger (as shown in the photo above).

Need Help?

I am here to get you started, or help you uncover the underlying issues of your problems, which may not be so easy to recognize on your own. EFT works well over the phone or Skype, so it doesn’t matter how far away you live!

With 20 years of experience as an EFT Tapping Therapist (Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner), I am highly skilled and intuitively guided in my work to give you the best possible options for healing, wellness, and vibrant living.

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