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Matrix Reimprinting with Bernadette Wulf - InternationalMatrix Reimprinting – Reshaping the Story of Your Life!

How often do you have a chance to change your memories of the past?

Not very often I would guess, but Matrix Reimprinting can do just that. Past events can have a powerful effect on your present reality. If there was trauma involved, even if it seems minor, you can carry it with you as long as you live. You may continue reliving that past event over and over again in ways you don’t even realize.

On a subconscious level, disturbing events from the past may be running (and ruining) your life.

In shamanism we would say that a part of your soul has separated, and there are techniques of “soul retrieval” that can bring them back and help you reintegrate them, but I have found that Matrix Reimprinting works even better. Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful tool to rewire your brain so it remembers past events in a more positive and much less disturbing way.

We can start by addressing any issue that bothers you, particularly one that has a chronic or repeated aspect. Even if you don’t remember anything traumatic in your past, it is usually easy to pinpoint a time when your former self got frozen in a particular belief or perspective. We then contact the part of your soul that is still frozen in your past memory (called the ECHO). 

You may not even consciously remember the event that is controlling your life many years later, but your ECHO can usually tell us how to find it. 

Then we go into the past event and freeze it while using EFT to erase any negative emotions from the traumatic or unpleasant experiences. Once the negative emotions are cleared, we insert a new, positive memory and take a look at what you learned from the experience.

The result is that disturbing memories from the past lose their power to control your emotions and run your subconscious programs. You may still remember the past events, but they won’t bother you anymore. You will remember them with a more positive feeling. The negative emotional charge will be released!

matrix reimprinting certificate - bernadette wulfmatrix reimprinting certificate - bernadette wulfMatrix Reimprinting is a great tool for clearing:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Guilt or shame about past mistakes or failures
  • Negative messages from parents, teachers, friends
  • Fears resulting from accidents
  • Beliefs picked up in childhood
  • Unpleasant emotions from disagreements with others
  • Anything from the past that still bothers you

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