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What Is Reiki?

Reiki is literally “Universal Life Force Energy.” After receiving an “attunement” to open the flow of Reiki energy in the hands, the practitioner can send this healing energy wherever it is needed, activating physical and emotional healing in the receiver. Reiki helps the body relax to allow physical healing, while also calming the nerves, enhancing emotional balance, relieving stress, and uplifting energy vibrations.

What is “Universal Life Force Energy?”

Energy is called Ki in Japan, Chi in China, Prana in India, and Ether in the West. It is the primal healing force of the Universe. Universal Life Force Energy is the essential energy of all life. One could even call it Love or Inner Peace.

In fact, if you focus on your heart with a feeling of love while practicing Reiki, the energy flow will be much stronger. This flow of Energy raises the vibration of the body (in both practitioner and client), energizing the cells and reminding them of their inherent perfection. Thus healing can take place.

Universal Life Force Energy gives life to all things. Because it is the natural energy of all life, it brings healing and balance wherever it goes, but most of us have some degree of stress or resistance that stops it from flowing in our bodies and energy systems. Reiki helps us to relax and allow the flow to of healing energy to unwind your stress and invigorate your cells.

How Reiki Works

Your natural, ideal state is balance. Reiki helps you relax and move closer to the balance you are meant to experience. As you relax deeply, healing can happen spontaneously. Your cells are just waiting for you to stop resisting your own well-being. Reiki is one of the best ways of releasing your resistance to natural healing, by allowing your “Chi” or “Ki” energy to flow in balance.

Reiki Heals the Practitioner as Well as the Client!

Reiki opens the flow of energy in the practitioner. Allowing Universal Life Force Energy to flow through your hands will allow your own body and mind to relax and receive healing energy as you work on others. You may find that you feel more relaxed and energized whether you are receiving or giving a Reiki Session.
  • Reiki is like a “battery charger” for your body.
  • Reiki can be practiced on yourself, others, and also plants, animals, water, food, and our planet.
  • Reiki is a wonderful way for couples to nurture each other!
  • Reiki is a tangible way to experience energy work.
  • Once you feel Reiki flowing through your hands, your whole view of reality will shift.

Reiki Attunements Open Psychic Awareness

Many people find that they are more psychic after receiving a Reiki Attunement. Reiki helps to activate the natural intuition you were born with. You may find that information comes to you “out of the blue” about the person you are treating with Reiki. Use your own discretion about sharing such information with your clients. Always foster their uplifted sense of hope, which is healing in itself.

An attunement is a special ceremony in which Reiki symbols are implanted in the energy field of the student. After receiving the attunement, students will immediately be able to channel Reiki energy through their hands. There are three degrees of Reiki attunements, each with a wider scope of healing than the previous attunement.

Most people experience Reiki as very relaxing and uplifting

Often people will peacefully fall asleep during a Reiki session while their body absorbs the nurturing Energy.

  • Anyone can practice Reiki, once they have the first degree Attunement, even small children.
  • Reiki can be used on everything, including animals, plants, water, and our planet. Some animals really like it!
  • Reiki can also be sent from a distance, after you have the Second Degree Attunement.
  • Once you get an Attunement you will have Reiki for life!
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