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Healing HandsJin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu (also spelled Jin Shin Juitsu) is another form of energy healing that is based on acupressure. It is very compatible with Reiki and I often include it in my Reiki Healing Sessions.
Jin Shin Jyutsu is basically a simple technique that works like battery cables. When you place one hand on one acupressure point and the other hand on another point, most people can feel a pulse that feels different in each hand. With intention, the pulses are brought together so they pulse in unison to balance and harmonize the energy flows in the body. There are many points, all over the body that can be balanced in this way, and specific combinations can be used for specific ailments.
Though simple, there are so many ways to use Jin Shin Jyutsu that it can require years of study, but the basics are easy enough for anyone to learn and use. I include basic Jin Shin Jyutsu instructions with all Reiki Attunements by request. Jin Shin Jyutsu is not the same thing as Reiki and is most often used without Reiki, but they work very well together.

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