WulfWorks-HealItAll News – My New Health Website

WulfWorks-HealItAll News – My New Health Website


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This month I have something completely different to share. Rather than my usual newsletter, I am inviting you to check out my new website. I have been busy for weeks posting as much good information as I could find on how to get healthy and stay healthy with a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet.

Thanks to this information, I finally feel like I am getting healthier as I get older, rather than the other way around. I want you to enjoy the wonderful feeling of getting healthier too!

My new Plant Based for Life! is based on extensive scientific evidence, important insights from Anthony William The Medical Medium, and my own personal experience of trial and error over the last 47 years.

Get the latest scoop at Plant Based for Life!

I would love to get your feedback about:

  • What else you would like to see included
  • How I could improve layout
  • How I can assist you in bringing more whole plant foods into your diet
  • Any other friendly critiques that would help improve my site

Please email comments, questions, and other feedback to me here – Bernadette Wulf, NOT by using my website email address. (Yahoo makes it so much easier to reply than my website email does.) Thanks!

Whether you are just starting to think about adding more whole plant foods to your diet for the first time, wondering if a plant-based diet could improve your health and energy, or even if you’ve been vegan for years, I’m sure you will find lots of helpful information. I even learned a few things myself while putting the website together!

I will also be posting new articles on the blog pages, so bookmark the site and check back often.

Plant Based for Life! whole foods plant-based diet coach

Plant Based for Life! is all about good health for you. It also has the added benefit of sparing countless animals from the misery of factory farming situations. AND Plant-based diets can prevent more carbon emissions than giving up all of our cars and air travel. It’s a win-win for everyone!

To Your Health!