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Crystal Rose Reiki Graton & Sebastopol, CAReiki in the Wine Country Energy Healing Sessions

Graton, CA  – Just North of Sebastopol
  • Classic Usui Reiki Healing Sessions – in person only
  • Shamanic Reiki Healing Sessions – in person only
  • Long Distance Reiki Healing – Available Worldwide

Usui Reiki Master-Teacher Bernadette Wulf

Email Bernadette  –  707-824-0675

Also Faery Reiki Attunements
Available Worldwide – Sent Long Distance

Inner Peace Through Energy Healing

If you are visiting our beautiful Sonoma County Wine Country, be sure to take advantage of the many holistic health care options in our area. After a few days of wine tasting, admiring ancient redwoods, or enjoying our beautiful beaches and scrumptious restaurants, nothing could be more relaxing than a soothing Reiki session – conveniently located right down the street from the popular Underwood Bar and Bistro and the charming Willow Wood Market Cafe.

About Reiki – Three Reiki Healing Options

Reiki Healing Graton - Sebastopol, California

1. Classic Usui Reiki – 60 Minute Session

A Classic Reiki Session is a gentle hands-on technique that can also be sent from a distance. While you relax, fully clothed, the Reiki practitioner sends healing energy through her hands to all the organs, nerves, and muscles of your body. If you prefer not to be touched, Reiki can also be sent with hands held above your body. This relaxing energy goes wherever it is needed to heal, restore, and relax every cell on a physical, mental, & emotional level.

Ask for a Classic Reiki hands-on session if you just want to relax and let the Reiki soothe and restore your energy. Reiki is so relaxing that many people fall asleep during their session. As you relax, you release any resistance that causes stress and disease, so healing can take place naturally.
Classic Reiki can be helpful for:
  • stress relief
  • enhancing deep relaxation
  • allowing the body to heal itself
  • promoting restful sleep
  • creating a sense of peace and harmony
  • awakening your intuition
2. Shamanic Reiki – 90 Minute Session

Shamanic Reiki Healing includes Classic Usui Reiki, plus reading the client’s energy field, clearing energy blocks, balancing energy flows, and communicating with your higher self and guides for a more personalized experience of Reiki & energy healing.

Shamanic Reiki is amazing!Shamanic Reiki may include:

  • Classic Usui Reiki
  • Intuitive reading
  • Chakra clearing
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Shamanic healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Faery Reiki
  • Faery doctoring
  • EFT and/or Matrix Reimprinting
  • Working with Spirit Guides and Power Animals

Ask for Shamanic Reiki when you want to work through specific issues, or receive intuitive guidance during your session.

Shamanic Reiki can be helpful for:

  • Shamanic Reiki addresses all levels of body, mind, and spiritAligning energy bodies
  • Gaining clarity
  • Creating new direction
  • Awakening creativity
  • Receiving guidance
  • Clearing blocks
  • Gaining insight
  • Healing emotional issues

My Shamanic Reiki works by reading the client’s energy, and communicating with the client’s higher self and spirit guides, in order to facilitate the most helpful healing process in the moment. Information may also be gathered about how to continue healing after the Reiki session.

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Reiki Healing Sessions

3. Long Distance Reiki – 20 Minute Session
How is it possible to send Reiki from a distance?

We are all connected. Even though everything appears to be separate in our reality, we are all made of the same energy. Nothing is really separate. So, when we set our intention to send healing energy to another, in a sense, we are simply sending it to another part of ourselves. If the other person is open to it, they will receive the benefit.

Use Drop Down Menu above to choose a Long Distance Reiki Session – Available anywhere in the world – $20 per 20 minute long distance session. We will then agree on a time via email as soon as your payment notification comes through.

Email Bernadette Wulf or call 707-824-0675Faery reiki attunements - fairysource.com



Bernadette Wulf – Intuitive Reiki Master Offers:
  • Classic Usui Reiki Sessions – In person
  • Shamanic Reiki Sessions- In person
  • Long Distance Reiki Healing Sessions
  • All Three Levels of Usui Reiki Attunement – In person
  • Faery Reiki Attunements (Long distance or in person)
Bernadette Wulf - Reiki Master, EFT Healer
Balance and Harmonize Your Energy with Bernadette Wulf
Reiki Master Teacher
EFT “Tapping” Therapist
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
ULC Ordained Minister

Email Bernadette          (707) 824-0675

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