energy healing, Graton, CA - Sonoma CountyIs Deep Relaxation All You Really Need for Healing?

Top Four Energy Healing Modalities with Bernadette Wulf

I love this quote from Abraham-Hicks:

The very best approach to medicine is, “Well, I see your physical body is sick, what’s been bothering you? What are you worried about? What are you angry about? What are you frustrated about?” Because that is what is at the root of all of this.

And then say, “Let it go, let it go, let it go.” That’s the message, and if they could hear you and do that, then they would all be well right away. — Ashland, OR on May 16, 2000

Are you ready to “let it go?”

Here are my favorite top 4 modalities to help clients relax and heal:

1. Shamanic Energy Healing with Reiki

Shamanic Energy Healing with Reiki is all about harmonizing and balancing your body, mind, and soul. Clients usually feel a sense of relief and deep relaxation after a session. This is my favorite way to work with clients, because I can intuitively balance your energy system, with the help of your spirit guides and power animals, addressing exactly what you need in the moment.

Sometimes a subtle energetic shift is all it takes to unleash a cascade of healing. You may also receive messages from your guiding spirits about other things you can do to improve whatever is bothering you.

Shamanic Energy Healing is an intuitive treatment to clear and balance your energy meridians as well as all levels of your auric field and physical body. I will often include a variety of modalities such as: chakra clearing (from Peruvian shamanic tradition), meridian therapies (acupressure, EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu), Usui Reiki, Faery Doctoring, Faery Reiki, working with spirit guides, sound, visualization, ritual, and more.

We can also include a guided visualization journey if you choose.

Available in person in Graton, CA – West Sonoma County

2. EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Sometimes, you might need faster or more dramatic healing on an emotional level. That’s where EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can be extremely valuable. 95% of the time you will experience noticeable relief even in the first few minutes.

Based on tapping acupuncture points, these Energy Psychology modalities can clear your traumas, phobias, negative habits, pain, weight issues, food cravings, self-worth issues, stage fright, and a multitude of other problems faster than anything else I’ve found. What’s even better, there are no negative side effects. I have been practicing EFT since 1996 and I’ve seen it work wonders for myself and others.

Available by Skype or phone worldwide, or in person in Sonoma County, CA

(Note: If you are on psych medications, or have serious psychological issues, please seek the help of a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist.)

3. Reiki in the Wine Country – Deep Relaxation

Relaxation allows your body, mind, and spirit to align with the Universal Life Force Energy for Health and Healing. A Reiki in the Wine Country session is classic Usui Reiki that sends a flow of this healing Life Force Energy into your body and energy field encouraging a deep state of Relaxation – so deep that clients often fall asleep!

This Usui Reiki session can ease your pain, calm nerves, and remind your cells of the natural healthy vibration they were born with, thus enhancing the healing process. Conveniently located right down the street from the Underwood Restaurant in Graton, CA.

Available in person in Graton, CA – West Sonoma County  (Long Distance Reiki available worldwide)

4. The Bars

The Bars – an energy clearing modality that focuses on aligning and balancing the energy of your brain. Some say it is like deleting unused files from your computer, or taking out the trash. I think of it as a brain cleansing. It is very relaxing and increases mental clarity. The Bars can change your life!

Available in person in Graton, CA – West Sonoma County

How Can Energy Healing Help You?

Are You Feeling Mental, Emotional, or Physical Distress?

Get Relief with Shamanic Energy Healing – Release Resistance & Let Your Energy Flow

If You Struggle with Any of These Issues:
Pain or Dis-ease
Not Feeling Good Enough
Not Feeling Lovable
Feeling Like a Victim
Poverty Consciousness
Emotional Turmoil
Bad Habits
Food Cravings
Past Traumas
We Can Work Together to Release Your Issues with Gentle Energy Healing Techniques –
Over 95% of the time you will notice improvement in your first session!
Emotional freedom - shamanic energy healing
You Deserve:
Emotional Freedom
Health & Vitality
Relief from Anxiety
Deep Relaxation
The Body of Your Dreams
How Can I Assist You?
If you feel sick, hopeless, weighed down, or stuck, it is a sign that your energy flow is restricted in some way. We all feel that way sometimes. It is part of being human. It is often hard to get your energy flowing freely on your own, even when you can see the problem and you want to let it go. Other times, you may not even know what is wrong. You just know that something feels “off” or stuck.  These are good times to reach out for help.
We are all going through tremendous energetic changes right now, as our planet raises her frequency. Sometimes it can be physically or emotionally painful as our bodies and emotions adjust to the new vibrations of light and love that are flooding into our world. I am here to assist!
As your Shamanic Energy Healer, I can intuitively feel where your energy is restricted and gently guide it to move more freely. The healing comes from you. I will just help you relax and let go of the tension that holds old and painful patterns in place. I often work with the help of guides, angels, plant spirits, faeries, and power animals, and I may use a variety of energy healing modalities in one session.
Available in Graton, CA or Worldwide
  • Shamanic Energy Healing sessions and Reiki sessions are available in person in Graton, CA (about one hour north of San Francisco).
  • EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, and Life Coaching are available by phone or Skype, or in person.
  • Long Distance Reiki can be sent without a phone or Skype connection.
Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Meridian Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting, Reflexology, and Access Consciousness Bars, are perfect tools to bring relief for just about any issue. They are all designed to help you release the energy blocks that hold your problems in place. You don’t have to stay stuck or blocked for so long that it makes you miserable, impoverished, depressed, overweight, or dis-eased. Fortunately we have some excellent Energy Healing tools available to clear stuck energy fast!
These are my favorite energy healing modalities:
  • Guided Shamanic Journeys
  • EFT Meridian Tapping
  • Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced form of EFT)
  • Usui Reiki & Faery Reiki
  • Access Consciousness Bars
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Reflexology & acupressure
  • Faery Doctoring (yes, it really works for some issues)
  • Improving Nutrition

Does the inclusion of nutrition surprise you?

Food may not seem like energy, because it is solid. We can pick it up and feel the weight of it, but like our bodies, food is also made of energy. Some foods have a lot more life-giving energy than others. Those are the foods that will help to create vibrant health and happiness.

When your energy is uplifted by Reiki (hands-on or from a distance), EFT Meridian Tapping on your acupuncture points, improving your Nutrition, and/or clearing your brain with The Bars you will benefit in multiple ways. I cannot predict what these modalities will do for you, but I have witnessed rapid positive results in myself and others whenever I use them, so I know they support healing on all levels.

Unlike medical drugs, these energy modalities:

  • Have no negative side effects
  • Are relaxing and simple to use
  • Support all aspects of your being
  • Create more harmony and balance
Are you ready to relieve your physical and emotional pain?
Wouldn’t it feel great to take a weight off your shoulders today?
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Phone or Skype Sessions Available Worldwide
Bernadette Wulf - Reiki Master, EFT, Energy HealingLooking for the Payment Links?

About Bernadette Wulf

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My Unique Qualifications

  • Naturopath Degree
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  • Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
  • 20 years EFT Meridian Tapping Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
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  • 40 years study of Celtic Shamanism, Psychology, Nutrition & Energy Healing

“Let Energy be thy medicine and medicine be thy Energy” – Paraphrasing Hippocrates

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